AsiaSat 7 Frequency (2020) 105.5° E Channel TP List

AsiaSat 7 was launched by ILS Proton Breeze M vehicle from Baikonur, Kazakhstan on 26 November 2011. It is designed as a replacement satellite for AsiaSat 3S at the orbital location of 105.5 degrees East. AsiaSat 7 is a Space Systems Loral 1300 series satellite, with a design life of 15+ years. It carries 28 C-band and 17 Ku-band transponders, and a Ka-band payload. With its region-wide C-band footprint covering Asia, the Middle East, Australasia and Central Asia, and high-power Ku beams serving East Asia and South Asia, and a steerable Ku beam optimised over Australia, AsiaSat 7 supports a broad range of applications including TV broadcast and VSAT networks across the region.

Asiasat 7 Channels List Frequencies 2020

3625 H 2444

Shamshad Tv
Sony Network
Powervu key

3653 V 14100

Sahara Samay
Sahara One
Sahara Samay National
Sahara Samay CR
Sahara Samay Mumbai
Sahara Samay Uttar Pradesh
Sahara Samay Bihar
Aalami Sahara
Sahara Samay Madhya Pradesh
Sahara Firangi

3690 H 15000

India News Harya
India News Rajas
India News
Delhi News
India News UP/UK
India News MP
News X
Insight HD

3705 V 3555

Peace TV Chinese

3706 H 6000

Channel NewsAsia
Channel NewsAsia (625 lines)
Channel NewsAsia (525 lines)

3712 V 9000

Peace TV HD
Peace TV Urdu HD

3714 H 8167

Xing Kong Hong Kong
Channel V China
Xing Kong International

3725 V 4833


3729 H 13650

TVB Xing He
China Entertainment TV

3732 V 7250

Zee Network

3740 V 2815

Madani Channel

3745 V 2625

Fashion TV Asia

3755 V 4418

Arirang Arab

3760 H 26000

Hadi TV 1
Bloomberg TV Asia
Wesal urdu
MTA International
Al Jazeera English
TV 5 Monde Asie
Eurosport Asia
Eurosport News
DW Deutsch

3780 V 29720

Star TV

3800 H 28100

$Star TV
$Asianet HD test card
$Star World Premiere HD

3820 V 27500

Zee Network
Zee Salaam
ETC India

3840 H 29720

Star TV

3860 V 28100

$Star TV

3880 H 27500

D tv Gold
Isaac TV
Sun TV China
Macau Lotus TV
Sahar Urdu
Al Jazeera English
NHK World TV

3890 V 11838

Reliance Broadcast Network
$Big Magic
$Big Magic Ganga
$Big Magic Gaurav
$Big Magic Punjab
$Big Magic Uttar Pradesh

3899 V 2240

Big Thrill

3906 V 2814
Such TV

3915 V 7260

SSCS Network
Silver Screen
Star Lite
Film Asia
Star Max
Falak TV
Joo Music
Champion TV

3920 H 29720

$Star TV

3940 V 28100

$Star TV

3960 H 27500

$Turner International Asia
$CNN International Asia Pacific
$Cartoon Network Asia
$CNN Newsource feed – TV1 (FEED Asia sat)
$Cartoon Network Taiwan
$Cartoon Network Philippines
$Cartoon Network Australia
$TCM Australia – Boomerang Australia
$TCM Asia – Toonami – Tru TV Asia

3980 V 28100

Star TV
Star Utsav
4000 H 29720
$Fox Entertainment Thailand
$Fox Family Movies $Star World $Vietnam
$Fox Crime
$NG People
$Fox Family Movies
$NGC HD – SCC Intl HD –
$NG Wild HD
$Fox Sports Asia HD

4040 H 26500

VoA TV Asia
American Embassy TV Network
VoA TV Africa
VoA TV Persian
VoA TV China

4060 V 26666

ARY Digital
ARY Zindagi
$Nickelodeon Pakistan
ARY Digital Asia
$ARY Digital UK/Europe
ARY Musik
$ARY Digital Mid East
$ARY News UK & USA
ARY News Pakistan
$HBO Pakistan
$ARY Digital USA

4065 H 4295

SSCS Network
Jan TV
Sabaoon TV
Prime Asia TV
MLQ Movies
Globale news TV
Globle TV
Attanr TV

4071 H 2813


4100 V 29720

Al Jazeera English HD
Ahl-E-Bait TV
Z Living Asia HD

B4U Movies Asia Pacific
Bloomberg TV Asia HD
B4U Movies India
B4U Music India

4120 H 27500

Phoenix InfoNews Channel HD
Phoenix Chinese Channel HD
Phoenix Hong Kong HD
Phoenix InfoNews Channel
Phoenix Chinese Channel
Phoenix Movies Channel

4140 V 27500

Zee Network
Zing Asia
Zee news

4146 H 5317

Paigham TV Paigham Pashto TV M TV
Azad Movies
S tv

4165 H 5040

Cinema 1
Bollywood 24
Filmy Rhythm
Cinema 2
Sargam TV
4176 H 2815 Music Box
Uni Plus
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