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DISCOVERY EUROPE Powervu Keys on Astra 4A @ 4.8E 2021, Discovery Channel (Europe) is the Pan-European version of the Discovery Channel.

Over the years, the Discovery Channel has been split into many different channels for specific regions. Most language regions in Western Europe now have their own versions of the channel, and the Pan-European is therefore now mostly available in countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The channel is broadcast from the United Kingdom and holds an Ofcom licence. The channel was registered as “Discovery Channel Europe” until August 2006, when it changed its name to “Discovery (Central & Eastern Europe inc. Russia)”.[1] Later it changed back to Discovery Channel (Europe).

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Discovery Channel (Europe) was launched from the UK in 1989. It launched on the Astra satellite in 1993. Eventually it split into different channels for different markets.

Discovery also owns or has interests in local versions of its channel brands in international markets, in addition to its other major regional operations such as Eurosport (a pan-European group of sports channels, most prominently the rightsholder of the Olympic Games throughout most of Europe), GolfTV (an international golf-focused streaming service, which is the international digital rightsholder of the PGA Tour), Discovery Communications Nordic (which operates general-interest channels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), TVN Group in Poland, and a portfolio of various free-to-air channels in Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

In May 2021, AT&T announced that it had proposed a merger between Discovery, Inc. and its media subsidiary WarnerMedia, which would be spun off into a new publicly-traded company to be known as Warner Bros. Discovery. The transaction is subject to regulatory and shareholder approval.

DISCOVERY EUROPE Powervu Keys 2021

Discovery Europe PowerVU Key  2021

Discovery Europe


12322 V 27500
Key 00 : 63 9D 8D C3 D3 BB 5F
Key 01 : 5E 5A F4 60 C3 74 F8


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