Fox Networks Group Tandberg Keys on Turksat 4A at 42.0°E

Türksat 4A is part of the Turksat series of satellites, and was placed in a temporary geosynchronous orbit at 50°E, where it will remain around three months. During this period, orbital and subsystem tests will be conducted. Thenafter, the satellite will be transferred to 42°E to provide telecommunication and direct TV broadcasting services over a wide geographic region between west of China and east of England spanning Turkey, as well as Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


T 1FCD 01 3E5678509C402C00 ;Fox Crime HD (42E)
T 1FCE 01 F2176E38A3E7B400 ;Nat Geo HD (42E)
T 1FCF 01 99B249DA5EB96200 ;FX HD (42E)
T 1FD0 01 64959948431DA800 ;Nat Geo People HD (42E)
T 1FD1 01 19DEA7FD5DF42500 ;24 Kitchen HD (42E)
T 1FD2 01 575469FF5DB7BA00 ;Fox Life HD (42E)
T 1FD3 01 2DD80C50C1D5C400 ;Nat Geo Wild HD (42E)
T 1FD4 01 2AE6C731E5B0DF00 ;Fox Sports HD (42E)

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