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MultiCS r100-rc41 Not Public – Broken Arrow – Unlimited

Multics (“Multiplexed Information and Computing Service”) is an influential early time-sharing operating system based on the concept of a single-level memory.It has been said that Multics “has influenced all modern operating systems since, from microcomputers to mainframes.”

Initial planning and development for Multics started in 1964, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Originally it was a cooperative project led by MIT (Project MAC with Fernando Corbató) along with General Electric and Bell Labs. It was developed on the GE 645 computer, which was specially designed for it; the first one was delivered to MIT in January, 1967.

Multics was conceived as a commercial product for General Electric, and became one for Honeywell, albeit not very successfully. Due to its many novel and valuable ideas, Multics has had a significant impact on computer science despite its faults.

Multics has numerous features intended to ensure high availability so that it would support a computing utility similar to the telephone and electricity utilities. Modular hardware structure and software architecture are used to achieve this. The system can grow in size by simply adding more of the appropriate resource, be it computing power, main memory, or disk storage. Separate access control lists on every file provide flexible information sharing, but complete privacy when needed. Multics has a number of standard mechanisms to allow engineers to analyze the performance of the system, as well as a number of adaptive performance optimization mechanisms.

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Multics implements a single-level store for data access, discarding the clear distinction between files (called segments in Multics) and process memory. The memory of a process consists solely of segments that were mapped into its address space. To read or write to them, the process simply uses normal central processing unit (CPU) instructions, and the operating system takes care of making sure that all the modifications were saved to disk. In POSIX terminology, it is as if every file were mmap()ed; however, in Multics there is no concept of process memory, separate from the memory used to hold mapped-in files, as Unix has. All memory in the system is part of some segment, which appears in the file system; this includes the temporary scratch memory of the process, its kernel stack, etc.

MultiCS r100-rc41 Not Public - Broken Arrow - Unlimited

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  • Fix for firewall to ignore local network .
  • Fixed stealth mode for ccccam: CCCAM STEALTHMODE: YES .
  • Fix for DCW_MINTIME_SET MS: before not working ok.
  • Fixes for r100 identification.
  •  Added cycle check for profiles, activation with: DCW CYCLE_CHECK: YES (in profile).
  • fix for 098D.

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