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Telstra Global Media Network Biss Keys

ID: Telstra GMN – FT, ID: Telstra GMN – OU 1 New biss Keys on Eutelsat 7A (7.0°E) 2021, The Telstra Global Media Network is an extensive range of networks to simplify delivery for the media, broadcast and technology industries.A purpose-built video contribution and distribution network supporting permanent and occasional use services for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint across traditional broadcast, IP video standards and cloud connectivity.The network improves broadcast operations and workflows by using bi-directional and multi-point Ethernet services for customers to bundle data components, reducing their operational costs. Through Telstra owned infrastructure and the Telstra Global Media Network Partner Alliance, 2500 on-network (OnNet) endpoints around the world are easily accessible. These endpoints include 1000+ customer sites and 1500+ venues and stadiums from Asia to Europe, and everywhere in between.Our trusted network has proven resilience, true end-to-end network diversity and four fibre cuts before disaster. All services are managed by experts at Telstra Broadcast Services in Broadcast Operations and Master Control Rooms across the globe.Whether live, linear, permanent or occasional use, let the Telstra Global Media Network take your content global Channel update.

The Telstra Global Media Network partners with trusted media service delivery providers and customers with powerful network strength, advanced technology, and major media hubs. This Partner Alliance improves our reach and enables content creators and broadcasters to expand into new markets as well as bring international content back to home audiences.

Telstra is a leading technology company offering a wide range of services globally. We bring innovative technology, capability and talent from across the globe to enable our customers to thrive in a connected world. Telstra’s heritage is proudly Australian, and we have a longstanding international business with specific expertise in the Asia Pacific region. Telstra Broadcast Services brings to our customers a dedicated team of media industry professionals, high performance media networks, online video and cloud platforms, world class satellite services, and 24/7 bookings, operations and engineering support to help securely take your live sports content from stadiums to screens.

Telstra Global Media Network Biss Keys 2021

Telstra Global Media Network Biss Keys

Eutelsat 7A (7.0°E)
Fréq: 11221 – H – 27500
MPEG 4 – 4:2:0 – DVB-S2
ID: Telstra GMN – FT
ID: Telstra GMN – OU 1
CW: 1A 43 62 BF 52 A3 58 4D

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